Earn an Easy 1up Bonus That Helps People as Well as Offers a Financial Reward

Why do users send a referral? There are two main facets to this question and two main answers to go along with it. Users send a referral for the financial reward. There is usually something that is tangible of worth that is received through a referral.

Yet, that is not always the case exactly. Often times, it isn’t the case at all. Some rewards are purely intrinsic and have no basis in finances at all. A user may refer a brand with the sole expectation of receiving no financial compensation or reward. They do it on the strength of the brand alone, and that is one powerful motivator.

The reward is always there. The reward can be just a good feeling of recommending a great website to a friend. It could also be a little less intrinsic. Regardless, a reward is present and choosing what that reward should be in an Easy 1up bonus is a little tricky. The reward can be either intrinsic or purely financial, but it should make some kind of sense in the brand. It should be something that users seek and want in some regard.

The reward should not be so wonderful and amazing that it overwhelms what the point of a referral is in the first place. Users should refer a brand because they legitimately want to. The reward of financial compensation of whatever kind is the cherry on top. This is an ideal place to be, but it isn’t an easy balance to achieve. The brand should be strong as it is, but it should have a perk that is worth seeking. Double-sided rewards can help make it seem fairer by offering a reward to both the sender of the referral and the receiver. The two parties share the reward, as opposed to the sender receiving the reward in full. A variety of rewards, from small to big, can also help add a range of compensations that reach to the financial to the intrinsic. Yet, always recall that a referral program works because the brand works. Consistency and determination will make for the best referral system.